Richard Saxon has written throughout his extensive architectural career.

    This material is collated here as Resources, on the subjects of Atriums, creating Value in the built environment, achieving Sustainability or ESG, Future strategies for the industry and using Information Management (IM) to enable all of these.

    On this last topic, Richard still provides services through Deploi: information management for the built environment.

Richard Saxon has approaching 60 years of experience in the UK built environment field. Nearly 40 of those years were based at BDP, the international, interdisciplinary practice. Nearly 20 years have been devoted to a portfolio of consulting roles.
Here are articles covering the impact of concern for the natural environment and for societal matters in the creation of built environment. The term ESG has been used to embrace these issues, but I leave the Governance subject to others.
The idea of indoor courtyards and streets is over 200 years old. Richard wrote the two seminal books on this building type.
An architect-led consultancy to assist construction clients and their professionals to transition smoothly into using digital information management for their projects and portfolios.
photo: BDP
photo: BDP
photo: BDP
Royal Albert
National Maritime
From 1986 the City of London became the setting for much of Richard’s career.
Channel Tunnel
Taming The Tsunami